Serneke as an investment

Serneke as an investment

Serneke is one of Sweden's fastest growing construction and project development groups, with a comprehensive offering in construction, civil engineering, project development and property management. Since the Company was founded in 2002, it has developed from a local construction company into a dynamic and fast-growing construction company with a strong portfolio in project development.

Serneke holds a favorable market position and is one of Sweden’s ten largest companies in the construction and property sectors. Our base in construction and civil engineering projects, as well as its complementary project portfolio, consisting of housing and commercial properties in attractive locations in Sweden’s three expansive metropolitan regions, are key success factors. This, alongside other competitive advantages, such as dedicated and responsible employees, cause us to believe that the Group is in a good position to implement its strategy and achieve its financial targets.

Competitive comprehensive offering

Through our competitive offering in construction, civil engineering, project development and property management, Serneke has developed into a leading contracting and project development group in Sweden. We have chosen to focus on a combination of four interacting business areas, while several smaller competitors’ offering is only within construction and/or civil engineering. Some of the larger contracting companies in the Swedish market often have more business areas than Serneke. 

Close cooperation in planning, costing and project implementation creates the conditions for superior efficiency and utilization of skills. The Group’s business areas interact to generate sales synergies through a balanced proportion of proprietary work in the projects. Additionally, the low capital-intensive contracting operations normally generate stable cash flows, allowing capital to be allocated to the more capital-intensive project development operations. 

Established presence in Sweden's metropolitan regions

Part of the Serneke’s vision is to create a nationwide contracting company. Today, we have a well-established market position in Gothenburg and Stockholm, with developed relationships and a track-record of completed projects. We have also has a significant presence in the Malmö area, which will be further developed through ongoing projects in Malmö and Helsingborg. Consequently, with a platform in the three metropolitan regions, Serneke has established a solid foundation for continued expansion and growth. 

Strong corporate culture and brand attracting the right people

Committed and competent employees are the key to Serneke’s success and lead to increased profitability and greater customer satisfaction. A high proportion of white collar employees contributes to flexibility in the organization and control throughout the project chain. The Group has a culture pervaded by entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm, pride, personal commitment, innovation and cost efficiency. 

Several large-scale and high-profile projects reinforce the image of Serneke as an attractive employer that can offer exciting and developing job opportunities, facilitating the recruitment of motivated employees. Competent employees mean that Serneke can enter projects at an early stage, influence the planning and execution to develop cost-efficient processes and solutions that generate value for the customer. 

Growing project portfolio in attractive locations

Serneke has a growing portfolio of projects with high potential for future capital appreciation. Our portfolio consists of housing and commercial properties in attractive locations with a focus on Sweden’s three expansive metropolitan regions. Through efficient processes and experience from previous complex projects, combined with knowledge and resources from its own contracting operations, we are able to control the entire construction process and ensure profitable project implementation.