Sustainability and the environment

Sustainability and the environment


Safety, health and work environment are prioritized areas and Serneke works systematically with preventive health and safety efforts. Clear work procedures and guidelines have been developed for the entire construction process, from the planning phase to the construction phase, and all new employees are trained in safety and risk awareness. Preventive measures and risk assessment form the basis for the rules of safety and behavior applied in projects. 

We continuously evaluates our efforts in the area of the work environment, and have implemented a system for reporting and following up all incidents and accidents that occur. Any serious incidents and accidents that do occur are analyzed with a view to introducing measures to prevent similar event from recurring. 

Environment and sustainability

Serneke strives to minimize the consumption of resources and the environmental impact of its operations. For example, we only uses electricity from wind farms in its offices and projects. Serneke Bygg AB and Serneke Anläggning AB are also certified in accordance with the environmental standard ISO 14001. The largest part of Serneke’s environmental work occurs in the projects, with each individual taking the environment into account in his/her day-to-day work. All employees are offered training in how we work with environmental issues. 

The Group balances environment and finance by means of modern, efficient and environmentally sound technologies. Through close dialogue and regular follow-up meetings with customers and suppliers, we ensure that established environmental standards are met in each individual project. 


Serneke’s quality work aims to deliver the right quality to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, we shall develop internally and work effectively so that we are able to execute our projects in a cost-conscious, environmentally responsible and committed manner.

Our ambition is to always create long-term and profitable relationships with customers. Employees with the appropriate skills and experience are essential to ensuring a high level of quality and efficiency in our business and all employees are handpicked to suit projects, as are suppliers. Experience feedback is a tool that we use to continually improve our operations. 

By means of regular meetings through internal and external networks, we also pick up on and implement new and improved methods. Through internal collaborations, Serneke also picks up on problem areas and is able to benefit from its skilled staff in finding solutions. Serneke Bygg AB and Serneke Anläggning AB are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.